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"the field is the world..." Matt. 13:38



A "coincidental" meeting at a banquet led Pastor Howard Storm of Zion United Church of Christ in Cincinnati, Ohio to invite Julie to preach at Zion, and to perform in concert.  Julie appeared on the church's weekly syndicated television program, Living in God's World, in September of 1997.  Her music set opened for the top-rated gospel group, New Identity, delivering with their new hit single, "If I Know God", rated #3 on the gospel music charts.  Group members Eddie and Shannon Luckey, John Key, and Julie shared the spotlight on Christian music and the background in their lives that shaped their music.

"I preached with my guitar long before I ever preached from a pulpit," said Julie in response to Storm's question about how she got started in the ministry.  Drummer Luckey reflected that "if just one person is changed by our music, it's worth it".

The program guests emphasized that their writing and performance of music did not spring from a desire for money, fame, or from the love of performing, but solely to make Jesus known.  Local viewers were able to catch the program on seven different cable channels around Cincinnati.

Kudos to Rev. Howard Storm and Zion Church for their professionalism and dedication to advancing the name of Jesus.



A call from Professor Gary Agee of Xavier University in Cincinnati brought Julie on campus to share theology in music with students there.  The defining moment of this evangelistic endeavor was leading two young students to receive Christ!  One student received the baptism in the Holy Spirit as well! What a praise to the Lord Jesus, who blesses our entry into the forums of the world, as with Paul in Asia and Athens to declare Jesus.  (For more on getting the gospel into the forums of the world, see article on "CYBERSPACE")



After I left the pastorate in June of 1997, I took several months to recuperate physically and spiritually.  After that time of rest, the Lord opened a number of opportunities to me which were unique to say the least.  Since the beginning of this year, I have traveled over 7500 miles, ministered in dozens of churches, and seen people saved and filled with the Spirit.  Truly God is doing something magnificent in declaring Himself to this generation!  I am thankful to be a part of His end-time plan!




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Of the last five months, the keynote in this ministry has been passion.  It has involved fire ... in that there has been an outpouring of power from heaven on people.  Julie's desire is to continue preaching with increased anointing and effectiveness, seeing lives changed.  And the Lord has shown His mercies.  Pastor Michael Carosiello of New Life Tabernacle has said, "The anointing of God operates through her...her ministry is unique as she has a balanced blend of boldness and gentleness." We thank God for those who have felt the love and mercies of God in our meetings!


"I want to thank you for being used of God as He develops a call to reach the lost in our community."

Pastor Larry Fletcher
New Philadelphia, Ohio


"I'll never forget the impact you had on my life."

From Columbus, Ohio


"You have left us a rich deposit in the Lord..."

Pastor John Thomas
Boonville Indiana


"We have been praying for revival at our church and God has sent us Rev. Julie Young."

Pastor Howard Storm
Cincinnati, Ohio



Julie will fly into Manchester, England on August 27th for four intensive weeks of ministry in England and Wales.  She will be working with pastors and church leaders in conferences, meetings, and evangelism.  She will be speaking at regional conferences in the North and the Midlands, working with Joy Gasgoigne, National Director of Women's Ministries for the British Assemblies of God. Churches in Wales and Kent will also be hosting Julie.  Please pray for a mighty outpouring and a move of the Lord.  A special thank you to Pastor Diane Richmond and East Liberty Assembly of God near Akron, Ohio, for providing the plane fare to Britain.



JYMinistries announces the beginning of production of RealHope Radio, a 30 minute broadcast which will become available to Internet browsers on the Worship Radio Network at http://www.worshipradio.com/.  Julie will host a program specifically designed for those with little or no familiarity with Christ or Christianity.  As we enter this pioneer field we want to reach as many as possible with the gospel.  Pat and Claudia Rutherford, founders of this network and hosts of the program "Praise until Dawn", tout the immense potential of this medium for reaching the world.  Programs are rotated so that the broadcasts may be picked up in prime time all over the globe.  In addition, browsers will be able to download broadcasts any time on demand.  Each month WRN has over 21,000 visits to the site, and is growing.  What a tool for the gospel!

If you can help finance one of JYMinistries' programs, please call, write, or email our office.  jymin@azusa.net.



Watch for the JYMinistries Internet web site, now under construction, at http://www.azusa.net/jymin/.


A report on Julie's recent meetings:

"The Holy Spirit has been at our meetings in power.  I could give you the place and church names where in the last five months there has been an awesome visitation of the Holy Spirit (Columbus, Dayton, West Carrollton, Akron, Canton, Springfield, Louisville, and Lima in Ohio- and Indianapolis and Evansville in Indiana).

You see, I am not interested in numbers, hype, or a feel-good time.  I am interested in serving Jesus, and moving at His command, delivering His message for the people, and then praying for and with them until the Lord gives us leave.  In one recent meeting, people were strewn about the floor for over two hours.  A man came forward through the crowd, and weeping, stated, "I don't have what you people have; I need Jesus." He was gloriously saved as we prayed, began to speak in tongues and fell to the floor crying out the name of the Lord.  An 82 year old woman asked for prayer and as I extended my hand she began to shake wildly until falling to the floor and receiving a great refreshing in the Spirit.  Others have received glorious touches from God, boldness, and confrontation of sin.  Young people have fallen to the ground and receive visions; some are called to the ministry.  People are testifying that their prodigal children are returning home, that Jesus has healed them- and deliverance is being effected before the eyes of the congregation who are aware of the need of the individuals even when I am not.  I could go on with testimony after testimony of the effects of the presence of God on people.  In one small church, ten were baptized with the Holy Spirit; in another, fifteen.  That is fifteen to twenty percent of their congregation!!  All the glory goes to Jesus, and I will give Him the glory.  We live in an amazing time, and I for one am serious about the business of God.

When God gives the appointment, there is great blessing, especially when the pastor and people have prepared in prayer.  I have worked with wonderful men and women of God who themselves are seeking revival and the presence of Jesus.  I am not looking to fill my calendar but to go where he sends, and walk and minister His manifest presence..."


Did you Know?

Seventeen million people convert to Christianity every year, while seven million defect?

America has one minister for every 250 people; the rest of the world has one minister for every 450,000?


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