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Mission to Congo - July 2005

Miraculous Fish Catch

YMG Mission Coordinator, Martin, greets fisherman.During a city-wide prayer walk in Uvira, some of the YMG team met fishermen by Lake Tanganyika.  Asked how fishing was, the men responded that no one was getting any fish.  Too few boats fished the waters.  The team presented the gospel and several of the men received Christ.  They then prayed for the lake to release the fish; "Trust Jesus now to bless you, since you belong to Him," the team stated.  "And when you start getting a lot of fish, make sure you tell everyone that Jesus has done it."

In less than a week, the fishermen were getting a record catch!  Dozens of boats were out on the water netting a great many fish.  The fishermen told how some of the fish were so large they couldn't manage them in their nets, and had to call some bigger boats to get the fish.  Like a page ripped from the gospel, the people of Uvira were being given a sign from God, an affirmation of the present kingdom of God.  Weeks later, reports verified that catches were still plentiful.

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