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Reports from Mission Poland 2000

Julie was in Poland from November 1-8, 2000.


Julie flew into Krakow to meet Pastor and National leader Leszek Mocha, who invited Julie to Poland.  Accompanied by Rev. Gloria Kramer, Julie preached and ministered in the cities of Jastrzebie-Zdroj and Kielce.  The visit was full of the power of the Lord Jesus to set captives free.  Many, many people were freed from such things as demonic holds, mental anguish, nightmares, torments, emotional turmoil, and addictions.  The prophetic word was given clearly, healings took place, and people were saved.

The church leadership has formally asked Julie to return to preach gospel crusades and to speak at the Polish National Women's Conference for 2001.  May the Name of Jesus be lifted up for all He accomplished in the country of Poland, to build up the believers, to bring souls to Himself, and to vanquish the devil's works.

Christian Life Centre in Jastrzebie-ZdrojSunday, November 5 at Christian Life Center in Jastrzebie-Zdroj, Julie preached on planting the seeds of evangelism.  She shared a word given through a dream that God allowed her to have for the church in Poland.  As she made the appeal for those willing to become soul-winners, the entire church stood to their feet.  One man shared, "When [Julie] asked people to stand to become soul-winners, I jumped to my feet!".  The effect on the church was electric.  Julie & Gloria with interpreter during praise & worship.Pastor Mocha later shared with Julie that her message had confirmed what the Lord had spoken to the leaders of the church in Poland.


The Vision of the Lifted-Up Hands

Following the powerful Sunday service in Jastrzebie, a woman spoke with Julie, warmly embracing her as she prayed for her.  At the close of that prayer, prayed in Polish, the woman called for one of the interpreters to speak with Julie.  She said, "I saw a vision as I was praying for you--- a large earthenware vessel, like a large jar or pitcher, was being lifted up.  The vessel was full of oil.  The hands that supported it moved it higher and then tipped the vessel to pour.  As the jar was tipped, it poured out into many smaller vessels. Oil was poured out into the smaller vessels all around." Then she said, "The vessel is you, your ministry."

What an eloquent vision!  The focus of the vision is on the oil being poured out.  This speaks of the work and person of the Holy Spirit, being poured out in many places, into many people through Julie's life and ministry.  This vision, given to an obedient believer in Poland, describes how God is using Julie to pour forth on the earth (remember the words of Joel 2:28-32).

The most striking aspect of this vision, however, regards the hands.  Julie recognized immediately what these hands represented.  Julie said to this sister, "The hands are the intercessors and prayer warriors who pray for me, people all over the world." The woman nodded with understanding.  Indeed, this vision was given to confirm the impact of Julie's ministry AND the importance and necessity of the ones who pray, some of them daily, for her.

How important prayer is to God's workers, to His plans in the earth.  The Lord spoke to Jeremiah and said, "Call to Me, and I will show you great and mighty things, which you do not know" (Jer. 33:3).  Your prayers are powerful!  They are missiles destroying the powers of darkness.  Prayer topples resistance to the move of God; prayer sets prisoners free and paves the way for God's messenger.  Your prayers make the difference for Julie as she obeys God's call to preach the gospel.  Your prayers, literally, are life and death to the people to whom Julie reaches.

Julie with Gosia & Leszek MochaJulie and John thank you for the many times you have paused and bowed in prayer for them.  Souls have been saved because you yielded to the Spirit's call to pray. Men and women have been sprung from the trap of the devil because of the prayer you breathed.  Know that your prayers do much good for Julie and those who work with her.  Please continue praying, it is so vital!!

Your prayers make our work possible... your prayers have become the hands that lift Julie up in the work of world-wide mission.  Thank you.

If you would like to pray for the Youngs and their ministry, email us at YMG. We encourage you to send us your prayer needs as well.

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