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Reports From Mission Scotland 2000

Julie and John were ministering in Scotland from May 28 to June 20, 2000.


Julie and John arrived in Scotland the last part of May for three weeks of ministry, and found themselves on a Scottish farm 40 minutes from busy Edinburgh traffic.  Their hosts were Phil and Lois Kingsley and their children; a horse, a Shetland pony, 2 cats, and assorted chickens in the yard.  This is the area near the Pentland Hills, very beautiful, green, and famous as the hiding place of the 17th century Covenanters, Christians who were hunted, imprisoned, tortured, and executed for their stand for the faith and a free church in Scotland.

The Young's first meeting was an Edinburgh Dinner Fellowship in the heart of the city of Edinburgh, where people were blessed with Julie and John's ministry. Julie preached and John sang and gave a word of exhortation.  Jim and Jean Gemmel also asked the Youngs to minister at their home group.

Sonrise Christian Fellowship in Edinburgh heard Julie preach on Sunday morning and invited her for a short session on evangelism essentials on the following Tuesday.  Pentecostal groups and churches in Larbert, Inverkeithing, Port Seton, Gourock, and Greenock also hosted Julie and John.  In many of the meetings Julie and John continued praying for people for an hour or two after the close.

In Pathhead they ministered at Emmaus Coffee House, a cybercafe run by a set of 80 year-old twin sisters.  It may have been a case of Seniors in cyberspace, as these two spry women are certainly high-tech wonders with grandmotherly charm!  How wonderful to meet with and share the Word with saints from all different backgrounds and denominations!  With these dear ladies and their "seniors" group Julie and John sang hymns and praised God, and the group listened to the Young's vision for and current work around the globe.


The middle segment of the trip was spent in Aberdeen in the north.  The Youngs preached and ministered in a Nigerian church in the city centre, shared with a lively Baptist congregation, and at other venues.  God always seems to link the Youngs up with international groups, even in the north of Scotland! A team from a Bible College was filming the day Julie taught at a local home for the destitute and homeless, whose gifted proprietor, Joan , was honored this year by Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II.

Ann and Bill Anderson hosted the Youngs in their home and wonderful times of fellowship were shared together.  Julie preached at the Christian Outreach Dinner in Aberdeen where several people were saved, some filled with the Holy Spirit, and many more were touched by the prayer ministry following.  One of the waitresses serving that night stayed to hear the gospel message.  The Word of God is getting out in Aberdeen and there seems to be an accumulating effect through the saints there.


Third stop for John and Julie was the western end of the country, near Glasgow.  Julie ministered in Aglow groups, small groups, and in churches.  Two very powerful touches of healing came to people in these meetings.  A woman who had suffered with lung problems due to smoking and chronic bronchitis was astonished at the powerful touch of God – her amazement grew as she took one deep breath after another.  At last report she was still free from cigarettes.  A second woman, 72 years of age, was set free from intense osteoporosis pain as Julie prayed.  She is boldly testifying that she is almost pain-free and hasn't been so in years!

The Young's last meeting was in a Congregational church in Kilsyth, near Glasgow, where the power of the Holy Spirit was evident.  Fifteen people came forward to receive the Baptism in the Holy Spirit and were ministered to with the power of the Lord resting upon each one.

"Many, many thanks for your ministry at our fellowship your last Sunday in Scotland.  It was a very timely visit and well used of God.  The folks prayed with were all encouraged and are going strong.  God meant you both to be here and we are "richer" as a fellowship for your visit.  Thank you again for being God's people and following His obedience.  Yours in Jesus,"

I.S. Paget
Kilsyth, Scotland

Julie and John were guests of George and Jean Munn: the Munns invited them to take residence in their holiday trailer in Gourock which had a fantastic view over the firth of Clyde.  Our weary travelers gratefully settled into this peaceful spot for a much-needed rest near the end of their hectic schedule.

Revival Radio

Julie and John spent three hours on Revival Radio being interviewed by presenter Frank Hartley and sharing the good news.  The present political climate in the UK makes any Christian radio broadcasting extremely difficult, so this was an significant time for ministry.  Please pray for these courageous Scots, brothers and sisters who are working to get the gospel on the airwaves, who desire to blanket their country with the word about Jesus.

As in many other places, the power of God was manifested in acts of power and with people receiving inner healings and release.  Seeking people were set free of alcoholism, tormenting spirits, fear, disease, etc. etc.  Struggling men and women were set free from the bonds of darkness and sin.  Of particular note was a reunion with a young man for whom Julie had prayed last year in Edinburgh.  He had attended one of the dinners, admitting his dependency on alcohol and shivering under the grip of addiction until prayer set him free.  His face and demeanor gave a wonderful testimony to the life-changing power of Christ's gospel.  Praise to God for all the work He has done, and thanks to those of you who prayed and supported Julie and John.

Julie and John wish to thank Mrs. Carol Burstow, who has accepted the responsibility of becoming the Young Ministry Group Field Representative for the United Kingdom.  Carol already leads a very busy life as a member of the National Women's Ministries Executive; she is involved in mission work in other countries, and makes her home with husband Roger in Burgess Hill, West Sussex. Young Ministry Group is proud and thankful for such excellent people whom God has allowed us to link with for His kingdom.

Also: The Youngs visited the birthplace and museum dedicated to legendary 19th century missionary David Livingstone at Blantyre near Glasgow.  This great man of God opened up the continent of Africa for missions in his lifetime.  What a thrill for them to see Livingstone's birthplace and learn about his call to this great continent!

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