Reports from Mission India - 2002

We receive reports from the countries in which Julie is ministering.  During the first 2 weeks of February, Julie was in India with a YMG Team.  The YMG Team that traveled to India with Julie consisted of Carol Burstow and Christina and Graham Cunnington. 

A solemn moment during the campaignWeek 1 - Open Air Campaign in Bangalore, India

Pastor T. Deenadayalan interprets as Julie preachesThe city boomed and bustled around the open field near Pottery Town in Bangalore.  The colorful awning covered the platform where Julie preached four nights to the waiting crowd.  Hundreds heard the gospel each night under the floodlights.  And hundreds were saved, answering the appeal at the close of the meeting.  Men and women gave their lives to Jesus, standing to their feet and walking to the red mats in front of the stage.  Julie commented that she had never seen such spiritual hunger on the faces of people.

The team of four ministered at the close of the meeting to pray for healing.  The people crowded them closely, wanting healing.  The Lord Jesus gave miracles and signs, including deaf people hearing and deliverance from demonic powers.  A woman reported to her pastor that she had been healed of a brain tumor.  (This is an unusual confirmation, as many of the people cannot see a doctor for medical problems.)

Hundreds heard the good news each nightWeek 2 - The Witness in Gudiyattam, India

Steven, once deaf and dumb, was healed by JesusFor three days the YMG Team held meetings in Gudiyattam, Tamil Nadu.  A pastor's seminar was arranged and much was accomplished.  For three nights Julie preached in a courtyard to crowds that doubled each night.  Over 750 made commitments to the Lord to be saved.  There were even more miracles here: deaf people hearing, the dumb speaking, eyesight being restored, cripples walking, and addicts being delivered, as well as demon possessed people being freed.  It was apparent to the people that Jesus had come to the city; one pastor testified that Hindus had come to Christ because of the miracles.  In one case, Julie prayed for a man who said definitely he was not a Christian.  She told him she would pray to Jesus to heal him so that he would know Jesus was the true God.  When he was healed, she said, he should come back the next night and give his life to Jesus.  The man was healed, and returned to do just that.

The YMG Team

Pastor Graham Cunnington, Crayford Church, London, England; Christina Cunnington, YMG Southeast England Representative; Rev. Carol Burstow, YMG Field Representative, UK, and Mission Coordinator; Rev. Julie Young, Missions Evangelist

The YMG Team toured a local school and Julie spoke at a Bible Institute.

Pastor T. Deenadayalan of Bangalore issued the initial invitation for Julie and the team to come to India.  He is the pastor of Shekinah Church and Director of Shekinah Ministries.

Some of the pastors at the YMG seminarsPastor A. David takes notesJulie and the team spoke at three pastor's seminars while they were in India; two in Bangalore, and one in Gudiyattam.

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