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Grahamstown, South Africa - February 2006

Interaction with audience as team performsPages From the Team Journal in Grahamstown

Day Seven - Msinda

Missions are all about people.  We are blessed with big numbers and impact, for which we thank God, but it's the little stories sometimes that really move you.  Here's one:


Julie and Msinda prayToday we preached & sang to the people at the taxi station, which is really more like a depot for vans that carry about 16-20 persons each.  I preached on how Jesus wants to care for us more than we care for our own children.  Let me tell you, it was hot!  People were taking refuge in any tiny spot of shade they could find, and no one seemed ready to respond to the appeal, though people were being won with the E-cubes.  A few minutes later, a woman with a small baby wrapped around her back came up to me and asked if I would pray for her.  "What do you need?" I asked.  "I want to have my sins forgiven," she said.  As we prayed, tears ran down her young face.  Msinda is 19, and already knows the cares of an unfriendly world.  He will be the Friend and Saviour she needs.

In every way, by any means,


The nightly campaign featured tribal performers

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