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Grahamstown, South Africa - February 2006

Pages From the Team Journal in Grahamstown

Sharing with the EvangeCubeDay Five - Witchdoctor Receives Christ

During the prayer walk through Grahamstown the pastors pointed out several witchdoctors and known devil worshippers.  Apparently there is a great deal of this kind of activity in the area.

Sharing with E-Cubes on the streetWhen we arrived in the square I instructed our workers in the use of the EvangeCubes, which tell the story of Jesus.  After practicing, they applied themselves to interacting one-on-one with people in the center of town.

witchdoctor listening to the gospel
After a couple of hours, we began the street outreach using the sound system, dance, music, and testimony.  People shared how Jesus had changed their lives.  I preached, and twice we had a good response.  Overall, we had 270 decisions to accept the Lord.  I wish I could show you the photos of people sharing Christ and accepting Christ.  I noticed a female witch doctor on the left edge of the crowd as I was preaching.  To our joy and elation, she raised her hand to accept Christ.  I couldn't take my eyes off her white-painted face as she prayed the sinner's prayer with the rest of the people in the crowd.  It was a marvelous moment for us.  How powerful the gospel is, how good Jesus is!

Young man rapping the gospelAll told, 270 people came to Christ in that morning outreach.  It was a good, hot, day for Christ.

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