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Grahamstown, South Africa - February 2006

Pages From the Team Journal in Grahamstown

Day Eleven - Celebration

Joint Meeting of the churchesWell, it's now over.  1,200 persons have made firm commitments to accept Christ.  Pastors, people, and city have felt the impact.  We are tired but we are happy people.  Today there was a combined service among the 18 churches and ministries in Grahamstown.  The note of joy and triumph was unmistakable as my team and I entered the large sports centre.  As soon as they saw us, the people, who were singing with the gusto that only Africans can muster, burst into a shout of joy.  Unexpectedly for me, tears formed and ran down my cheeks.  Though we were from different places, backgrounds, cultures, and continents, we were truly one.  One in purpose, one in service, one in rejoicing on this, again, VERY hot Sunday.  We worshipped our God for more than four hours.  Truly it was an awe-inspiring finish to a great mission.

Joy of the campaignJoy of the campaign

Joy of the campaign

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