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Grahamstown, South Africa - February 2006

Julie and Xhosa womanJournal of a visit that impacted a city

Pastors said ...

"Julie is a person who is zealous to win souls for the Kingdom of God and she is really burdened to preach Jesus Christ to the people who did not hear the Gospel before.  The team is well manned and organized with a clear vision.  What impacted me is the way she is presenting the gospel.  She is very simple and everybody can understand her gospel presentation.  Their visit was really an impact in our city... the impact of their visit is the talk of town."

Dr. Daniel Eddie, Elishama Christian Centre

"God has anointed them for this ministry and they know what they are doing.  They preach the truth in a clear and simple way, so that people can understand.  Julie was teaching on "Keys to Unlock the City"... the prayer walk, we have never done it before in unity like this, of pastors and churches.  We saw good results from the first day about 450 people were saved.  Another important thing was their strategy of street evangelism."

Pastor Philile S. Ngqezana, Way of God Ministries

"One thing I experience is that they don't want souls to be lost.  That is why the message they carried over they made sure it's clear and understood."

Pastor Thys Smit, Jabez House Assembly

"Julie and YMG team have got a heart to win souls for God and also show a true love to people.  Their visit encouraged me to go and win souls for Christ.  Julie's prophecy revived me... Grahamstown won't be same again and also to our churches won't be same and God's purpose will be done which is to bring His salvation to the ends of the earth."

Apostle B.E. Geelbooi, Gospel Ambassadors Ministries

"Since the visit at the dangerous spots in the townships there was no stabbings, rapes or robbings reported.  It worked immediately and all was quiet.  We thank God for this change."

Pastor Phindile Ntamesi, Shield of Faith Ministries

a local singer captivates the crowd in Catherdral SquarePages from the Team Journal in Grahamstown

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