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Romania 2004 Reports

YMG Mission Coordinator Martin BaskervilleTeam Work!

YMG Romania TeamBelievers from Australia, America, Canada, Spain, Great Britain, and Romania volunteered their talents and hard work for the purpose of witnessing for Jesus Christ in the city of Calarasi.  The YMG team again joined forces with the local believers to roll out a God-ordained flurry of events and encounters that made the gospel real to the inhabitants of Calarasi.

Combined team training took place in the local school gymYouth Team Training

Prayer at team trainingFor two days the combined teams from several nations met in a local gym for worship, seeking God's plan, and training.  Sessions included evangelism, counseling, prayer, spiritual warfare, and other topics. 


Column of students on Main StreetAt the close of the sessions, the team held a parade down the main street of Calarasi to announce the presence of the youth teams.


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