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Romania 2004 Reports


Ron Hensley shares business principlesBusiness Seminar

Ron Hensley, CEO of Better-Way, Inc. and John Bird, a retired vice-president of DaimlerChrysler, were the main speakers at a business seminar conducted by YMG.  The seminar brought men and women in the business arena together for a meal and a seminar on business ethics, and included a presentation of the gospel.  Participants were given the opportunity to invite Christ into their lives.  Books of Hope and gospel literature in Romanian were available to the attendees. 

Businessmen and women eagerly listen in YMG Business SeminarRon, John, and John (Young) toured local government offices and met with businesspeople.  And later in the week, Julie and John visited with the family of a prominent & dynamic business couple.

Julie, Ron Hensley, & John Bird with businessmen of Calarasi

Wet paint on a hot dayPractical Works

Romanian students painted curbYouth teams spread out in the city to paint, clean up, and fix up public spaces in the city as an embodiment of the service nature of Christ.  Teams of Romanian students painted curbs and public facilities, cleaned, and helped to spruce up the city as an act of national pride and Christian service.  The residents of Calarasi had never seen anything like it!  The mayor's office, which had coordinated the effort and given permission for the clean up and the festival, was flooded with calls from people wanting to know who were the people in the orange shirts.  Julie, John, and team members were blessed to spend time with the mayor and other local officials.  The mayor honored the organizing leaders in a public presentation.  Through this kind of public service the Lord set the stage for a positive witness for Jesus Christ.

Team members pray during Prayer WalkPrayer and Prayer Walking

Hundreds of orange shirts walked the city and prayedThe greater team split into groups of ten, covering the park and other areas of the city in a massive prayer walk.  As each team walked, they noted what God was speaking about the places and prayed accordingly.  Again and again the prayer of the team was, "God bless Calarasi!!  God bless the people of Romania!  The devil is defeated and the kingdom of God has come!  Life!  Freedom!  Blessing!  Healing!  Redemption!  Restoration!"  God's answer to this prayer would be seen in the ensuing days of hard work and rejoicing.

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